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The Orthodontist Match Makers Process


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Harness the power of our professional Recruiting Specialists who will source, vet and interview candidates uniquely matched to your practice culture.


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Choose your ideal Orthodontist from our qualified candidate pool and begin generating more revenue in your business.

Making the Hiring Process so Easy it Feels Like Magic.

Hiring an Orthodontist that is a cultural and technical fit for your practice isn’t easy. But when an Orthodontist is properly matched to your practice- magic happens. The production generated from a properly matched Orthodontist can be magnitudes greater than someone with a pulse and license. You can amplify the growth of your practice by using our proven hiring process.

Set Goals. Crush. Repeat.

Understanding your unique practice goals is the first step towards matching the best candidates to your practice. Your Placement Specialist will create a Practice Snapshot highlighting the most important aspect of your practice. This step superchargers our assessment tools and allows you to receive the highest quality job candidates that can speed up your business growth.

Matching Top Orthodontist with Top Practices.

Orthodontist Match Makers use big data, artificial intelligence, and our proprietary database to source the top candidates for your practice.

Money has velocity. The faster you find the right Orthodontist, the faster your business grows. We can help you find the right person faster by becoming your outsourcing recruiting team.


“The whole process is so easy. I relaxed while they found me an amazing doctor. I could never have done this myself. Worth every penny!!!! Absolutely a winning organization”

“Their insight and support made all the difference in the world.”

“Excellent follow-up, communication, tips, and more! I’d highly recommend this company.”

“The process was seamless and their service was very professional.”

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