We take away the stress of sourcing, vetting, and interviewing candidates with our proven, data-driven process.

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We’ve helped over 525 healthcare practices add new team members to their practice- with no stress or wasted time.

If you’re thinking about hiring in your practice, you may be curious about where to start. After helping hundreds of Orthodontists worldwide find their ideal match, we’ve refined a specific hiring process that can save you time and money when adding to their team.

Here is a look inside how we can help you save a ton of time and money when hiring:

The Discovery Call

Everything starts with our Discovery Call. Begin by speaking with one of our Placement Specialists so that we can form a crystal clear understanding of your practice culture, needs, and goals. The Discovery Call helps our Placement Specialists identify the unique aspects of your practice.

The Avatar

Describes the ideal candidate that will fill that position in your practice based on practice culture, cutting-edge assessment tools, and your business goals. Matching your new team member with this Avatar is one of the most important aspects of hiring. Many practices have never even considered the ideal team member avatar. Pro tip: an active license and a pulse are not the top two characteristics you want to focus on if you desire a long-term relationship. The process of creating your Avatar is part of our secret sauce. It’s where the art and science of hiring meet.

After working with hundreds of healthcare practices worldwide, we have the proprietary tools and knowledge to zero in on the exact type of provider you’re looking for to move forward in your practice.

The Search

You don’t need to stress sourcing candidates for your position. We use big data, artificial intelligence, and our database to source top candidates based on your Avatar. The days of posting a half-baked job posting on a website and generating high-quality candidates for your opening are over. It’s estimated that there are five positions currently available for every available provider right now! The tables have turned, and it’s now your job to entice providers to practice in your clinic. Our recruiting team spearheaded our search process for over a dozen full-time specialists. Your recruiter will know your practice, ideal candidate avatar, and work sourcing your next ideal team member.

The Placement

As high-quality candidates come in, we provide a thorough vetting and interview process to ensure a great match with your practice.

What’s worse than having no candidates for your available position? Having hundreds of unqualified people that you need to sort through! Let us do the heavy lifting by pre-screening and pre-interviewing all of your potential candidates to ensure that your time is protected and used for what’s best, running your practice and taking care of patients. Our recruiting team is trained on how to administer compliant behavioral assessments to screening questions to ensure anyone you interview is a good match for your practice.

Orthodontist Match Makers has the process of hiring the ideal Orthodontist to a science. Relying on your guy or guesswork to fill an open position quickly often leads to high turnover, a lot of stress, and wasted time.

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